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Want to improve your health? 

What can you do to help yourself 


Regain your Vitality?

Have you considered how people can significantly improve their health, fitness, brainpower and emotional wellbeing when they decided that they really want to?

Choosing to improve how and what you eat can be the best step you take towards  supporting your own health and wellbeing.

nutrition and health coach can work as your partner, helping you to achieve your health goals at your pace.

Sophie Jones (Nutritional Therapist)
BA Hons, mBANT, CNHC, NHFdip, NLPdip

As a nutrition and health coach I recognise how your beliefs and emotions can have a physical impact on your body, changing its biochemistry and influencing your state of health as much as your diet and lifestyle.  I believe everything you think, feel, do and eat has an influence on your body's health and wellbeing.

My approach works because as well as changing the way you eat, I can help you to transform the beliefs you hold about food, your body and your health which hold you back.  I combine nutritional therapy and life coaching experience to enable you to bring about lasting change to your diet and lifestyle.

How can I help you?


I work with businesses and community organisations in the West Midlands offering inspirational talks on nutrition and health managment with follow up one to one coaching.


  I offer private nutrition and health coaching

  consultations, a regular Gluten-Free Healing Diet Support Group

 and other group workshops from the Beacon Clinic in Great Malvern. 

I also facilitate Living Well with Cancer Courses for Penny Brohn Cancer Care across the Midlands. 

Contact me to find out more.

What are your health goals?

 You may want to:

- be free of an illness or health problem

- feel great about your body or reaching your ideal weight

- overcome cravings and take control of what you eat

- complement your physical fitness programme

- wake up refreshed and have more energy

- release yourself from stress or aniexty

- improve your performance at work

- learn how to cook healthy food for your children

- be healthier and get more of what you want out of life!


These are just some of the reasons people use nutrition and health coaching to support themselves in reaching their goals, the question is, what do you really want?

I believe everything you think, feel, do and eat has an influence on your body's health and wellbeing. 
Want to know more about my approach?

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Sophie Jones
Ba Hons, NHF Dip, mBANT, CNHC 
Nutrition & Health Coaching in the West Midlands
Gluten-Free Healing Diet Support Group  & Private consultations @ The Beacon Clinic, Great Malvern
Living Well with Cancer courses across the Midlands    
phone: 01684 899 263
mobile: 07866 754038 

News from Nourish
The government's new
"Eat Well Guide" still doesn't
go far enough to support
good health

Find out about the  
Evidence based
Wellbeing Guidelines  
from BANT.


nourish1 a sustain with food.

b enrich promote the development of (the soil etc). c provide with intellectual or emotional sustenance or enrichment. 2 foster or cherish (a feeling etc)."

Oxford English Dictionary

What people say

about Nourish

"Sophie has a naturally warm and welcoming nature, I appreciated the positive, safe and friendly atmosphere she always created"
June Burrough, Founder Director, The Pierian Centre, Bristol

"It was wonderful having you as part of the event - I think you achieved a great deal and would love it if we were able to work together again."
Nicky, Positive Pressure

"I now feel better equipped to tackle some bad eating habits, as you have explained how they can impact on an already overburdened body system.  You have helped me look at my own lifestyle and encouraged me to listen to my own body and mind more! I definitely feel better for cutting out caffiene!" 
Helen, Malvern

"No fads, no frills, just simple principles clearly structured, making it a great presentation"
Tina Haggett, Malvern

 “The workshop provided me with the stimulus to make some real changes to the way I eat.  Friends have commented that I am looking really well and I feel that way myself”
Alasdair, Bristol


"As I see it, every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself."
Adelle Davis (1904 - 1974)

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony"